Tuesday, 1 November 2011

क्विज कम्पीटीसन

पाठशाला में क्विज कम्पीटीसन का आयोजन किया गया I  इसमें तीन वर्गों में प्रतियोगिता करवाई  गयी I  पहले वर्ग में छठी से आठवीं तक के बच्चों ने भाग लिया, दूसरे वर्ग में नवीं दसवीं तथा तीसरे वर्ग में जमा एक एवं जमा दो के बच्चों ने बढ़ चढ़ कर भाग लिया I  

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Introduction To GSSS-DEOGI

 The Govt. Senior Secondary School - DEOGI  is at 215 Km from the District Headquater of KULLU. The Block/ Teh. Headquater is at Nirmand about 34 Km and Sub-Post Office is also 34 Km from it.
                The school started functioning as Govt. Primary School in 1921. It was upgraded to Middle School in 1960 and was further upgraded to High School in April 1965. The school achieved the the status of Govt. Sr. Sec. Sch. in 2004. Science group (Medical & Non - Medical) and Humanity are fuctioning in the school.
                  The Information & Communication Technology Labs. were eastablished and start functioning in 2011.
The total strength of the students in the campus is about 452.

  Famous Places Nearby :
  1. Chambhu Devta's Temple is about 200  m from it.
  2. Sarahan Kullu Picnic Spot is about 25Km from it.
  3. Parsu Ram Temple is about 35 Km from it.
  4. Sri Khand Mahadev is about 42Km from it.
  5. Rampur town is about 51 Km.
  6. Famous Jalori Jot is about 115 Km. 



                                                                SCHEME OF ADMISSSION
  General Eligibility Criteria  :-

   1. No scholar who is studying in an institution which is not affiliated to a recognized Board /University shall be admitted to any class of High/Senior Secondary School or section of an institution affiliated to the Board.

  2. The Head of the institution should carefully check-up whether or not any examination passed by a student from any 

  3.   Eligibility of a candidate who has passed an examination of a foreign School/Board /University should invariably be

  4.  Students migrating from other recognized Board /Universities who have undertaken any examination of that Board

  5.  A scholar who has been placed in compartment/re-appear in any examination can be given provisional admission to 

6.  A scholar who fails twice in XI and XII shall not be re-admitted to that class.

 7.  Notwithstanding anything contained in any other regulation the Board shall have power to admit a person 

  8.  A candidate whose result of the examination taken by him is notified as “Later” may be allowed to join the next h

     Provided that the fees paid by him for the higher class shall be adjusted against the dues of the lower class but if he discontinues his studies , fee paid by him shall not be refunded.

   Admission Procedure from 6th to 8th Class :

      Admission from 6th to 8th classes shall be regulated as per the rules laid down by the Education Department of 

 Admission Procedure from 9th and 10th Class :
                                           For the admission  to class 9th of an institution affiliated to the Board a scholar must have
 passed the Middle Standard Examination from the Board or an equivalent examination from a recognized   Board/University or must have passed class 8th examination, recognized by the Education Department of a State    Government /Union Territory .
      For the admission  to class 10th of an institution affiliated to the Board a student must have completed a regular     course of studies and passed the class 9th examination from an institution affiliated to a recognized Board.

  Admission Procedure from 10+1 and 10+2 Class :
                   ♦ Compulsory subject     :-   English
                   ♦  Science group :- Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths.
                   ♦ Optional Subjects :- Information Practices & Physical Education
   Admissions to 10+1 CLASS :
                                             Admission to class +1 of senior secondary course in the school shall be opened to students who have  passed :-
  • Matriculation examination of the H.P. Board of school Education.
  • Any other Examination recognised by the H.P. Board of school Education as equivalent to the above said examination provided that the candidate has passed the matriculation examination with English, Maths& Hindi as subjects.
  • Provided further that student offering:-
                                   Science group must have got at least 45% marks in aggregate.

   Admissions to 10+2 CLASS :
      ♦ Admission to +2 class will be open to students who have passed:-
           *  +1 examination (detailed marks certificate must be attached to the admission form)
            *  Any other examination recognised by the H.P. Board of school education equivalent to above said examination provided that the candidate who has passed english as one of his/her subject in +1 class.
            *  Student coming from a board / university outside H.P. shall have to furnish migration
                 certificate of concerned board / university.
            *  Student failing twice in +2 class will not be admitted.
            *  Student who has attained the age of 21 years on 31st march of the year of 
                admission shall not be adimitted to +2 class.SC/ST student can however avail
                relaxation of three years in age.
   NOTE :-
  • Relaxtion of 5 % marks for SC/ST students shall be given in science and commerce group only.
  • Students who obtained upto 49.5 % and 44.5 % marks in aggregate shall be counted to have obtained 50% & 45% marks respectively.
  • Students coming from Board or Universities outside H.P. shall have to furnish Migration certificate issued by the concerned board/ university.
  • A candidate who has been under compartment in one subject in any of the examination can be admitted to +1 class provisionally, provided he/she has got requisite percentage of aggregate including the marks obtained by him/her in subject in which he/she got the compartment.
  • A candidate who have failed twice in +1 class will not be admitted.
  • No candidate who has attained the age of 20 years may be retained in senior secondary class.
  • 1st april to 31st march :- 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Monsoon Break:-    27th July to 10th August.    (15 Days)
  • Festival Break:-     Starting from four days before Diwali   (06 Days)
  • Winter Break:-      1st January to 31st January    (31Days)
Himachal Pradesh.
igher class provisionally in case he is ultimately declared to have failed in the examination his admission shall stand cancelled and he shall forthwith revert to the lower class . He shall have no claim against the institution he had joined and /or the Board ;
provisionally to the next higher class pending his taking examination in a paper or papers which he may have missed through no fault on his part provided that in each such case the Board shall record reasons for granting such permission.
the next higher class provided he fulfils eligibility criteria of aggregate marks, if any , laid down but such a scholar shall have to clear the compartment /reappear before or simultaneously failing which he shall revert to lower class.
or University shall furnish Migration Certificate in addition to marks-sheet/qualifying certificate issued by the Board or University concerned to the institution where they are seeking admission.
obtained from this Board unless equivalence of the examination passed has already been notified by the Board.
other recognized Board /University has been equated with any examination of the Board and if so with what conditions, before granting admission to a student migrating from any other Board . Such a check should be exercised preferably before granting admission or soon after grant ing provisional admission so that there is no complication later on.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Nasha Nivaran Pratiyogita

नशा निवारण पर एक भाषण प्रतियोगिता करवाई गयी1 जिसमे        स्कूल के पांच बच्चों ने  भाग लिया1 प्रधानाचार्य डॉ. सुनील ठाकुर ने इस प्रतियोगिता की अध्यक्षता की 1  इस प्रतियोगिता में किरण रेखा के भाषण  की सभी बच्चों एवं अध्यापकों ने सराहना की1 किरण रेखा आगे की प्रतियोगिता के लिए राजकीय वरिष्ठ माध्यमिक  पाठशाला  निरमंड में अपने स्कूल का प्रतिनिधित्व करेगी1 



Saturday, 24 September 2011

Non Teaching Staff

1 .    श्री अनिल कश्यप

2 .    श्री ओम प्रकाश बोंटी
       कनिष्ठ सहायक

3 .    श्री खिमा राम
       प्रयोगशाला सहायक

4 .   श्री अजित सिंह 
       प्रयोगशाला सहायक 

5 .    श्री बाल कृषण
       प्रयोगशाला सहायक

6.    श्री हिम्मत राम

7.    श्री मान दास

8 .    श्री बाल मुकुंद
        पार्ट टाइम  

Friday, 19 August 2011

Teaching Staff

1     डॉ. सुनील दत्त ठाकुर,

2.     श्री जय राम, 
        प्रवक्ता भौतिक शास्त्र 

3.     श्री  नेत्र सिंह,
        प्रवक्ता जीव विज्ञान

4.     श्रीमती रजनी,
        प्रवक्ता गणित

5.     श्री घनश्याम दास,
        प्रशिक्षित स्नातक  कला

6.     श्री सोहन लाल,
        प्रशिक्षित स्नातक  कला 

7.     श्री चमन लाल, 
        कला अध्यापक

8.     श्री मदन लाल, 
        भाषा अध्यापक

9.     श्री संतोष कुमार, 
        प्रशिक्षित स्नातक  (गणित )

10.    सुश्री  निशा,
        प्रशिक्षित स्नातक  (जीव विज्ञान )

11.    श्री संतोष कुमार,  
         प्रवक्ता अंग्रजी

12.    श्री बेली राम, 
         प्रवक्ता अर्थ शास्त्र

13.    श्री हेम चन्द,
         प्रवक्ता इतिहास

14.    श्रीमती इंदु ठाकुर, 
         प्रवक्ता हिंदी

15.    श्री अरविन्द पाल, 
         प्रवक्ता राजनीती शास्त्र

16.    श्री देवा नन्द,
         प्रवक्ता रसायन शास्त्र

17.    श्री देव राज, 
         डी पी ई

18.    श्रीमती सुमन लता, 
         सूचना प्रोद्योगिकी अध्यापक 

19.    श्री धर्म सिंह,  
         सूचना प्रोद्योगिकी अध्यापक